Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tiffany's Quilt

Sorry to have left you hanging as to what was happening to Tiffany's quilt, so here goes.
It's a really cute patriotic quilt and she is getting it done as a special gift for her DH who is retiring from the Army. So she wanted to get some Embroidery done on it to commemorate her hubby. Not my favorite thing to do, but I must. So I pull out the embroidery module and slap it on the machine. Get the border all lined up and in the hoop. Spell out each line (some twice cuz I screw up) and embroider 3 lines. Get everything squared up and on the machine.
Then begins the quilting! OK so this is the easy part. Well, the quilting of it is, getting to the machine so I can quilt sometimes isn't so easy. But it must be done by Thursday or at the latest early Friday morning.
It's almost done, but I have a Church Quilting Class coming over Thursday evening. I have to stop early and get set up for that, and then go back to quilting. I'm not quite finished and the ladies arrive. We have class, it's winding down and some are almost done so I go back to quilting on Tiffany's quilt. I've been noticing all afternoon that my machine is sounding a bit rattlely. I spent some time in the afternoon oiling it all down, so I know that's not the problem. However, it continues and is pretty annoying, but the stitches look good and I keep pressing forward. Then the machine comes to a complete STOP! No budging it. So I go to bed and hope that in the morning it will decide to work.

Friday about 5 AM. I get up and the machine works. Well, for a bit and then it begins stuttering and sounding like it's not sure it's going to work. Almost, like a car running out of gas. Then it STOPS and there is no getting it to move. So, I have to go get ready for Parent's Weekend and prep myself to tell Tiffany her quilt is NOT done!!
On the way to Provo, I call Jen, the A-1 Dealer in the area. I give her a description of what was going on, and she tells me it's the motor-brushes. So she says she'll order some for me. Well, we're still waiting and then she's coming to help me get them installed. Tiffany is gracious and says No Problem. When I get the machine fixed and the quilt done. I'll post a picture!

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