Tuesday, October 28, 2008

BYU Parents Weekend

So, I was supposed to get a quilt done for Tiffany by Thursday (10/23) evening to deliver on Saturday when we would meet them in Salt Lake City for Witchapalooza! We were heading out on Friday morning to Parent's Weekend at BYU! See below for pictures of our weekend, and see tomorrow's post for what happend to Tiffany's quilt!!!
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We had a great time. We went on a expanded golf cart thing for a campus tour. The 2 boys were so embarrassed and hoped no one they knew would see them. Then we went bowling for free at the Wilkensen Center. Most importantly we FED them every chance they could get. Then Saturday morning Bob and I hiked to the Y on the mountain (I didn't get a picture from the valley!) Let me just tell you moderately strenuous means heart-palpitatingly HARD!!! Then we went to a tail-gate party at the Alumni Center and then the Football game. We had FUN!! We left the game early so we could meet friends at the Witchapalooza at Gardner Village.
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Mary said...

Sounds (and looks) like fun! Are the collages in Picasa fun to play with?