Friday, October 24, 2008

Another: I Love Moment

Sorry, just had to share again ;o)!

I really LIKE! I tried to not use the other L word again. I Like pre-wound bobbins. (I need to reign in my exclamation points, too. It's hard but I will try.)
I get my pre-wound bobbins from Superior Threads. Yep, you can order them online. The mongo big ones are M size bobbins and I use them in my Long Arm machine. Usually these ones are filled with Bottom Line. My favorite color is Taupe. It seems to go with so many colors and blends really well. The smaller L size I'm trying out for the first time in my Bernina Artista 170 and they are working extremely well. These bobbins have cardboard sides and you have to test them in your machine and see if they work best with or without the cardboard sides. You can peel off the sides and the thread doesn't fall off the spindle. I don't know how they do that, but they do. In my quilting machine, I leave the sides on. But in the Bernina I took the sides off because when I put the bobbin with sides on into the bobbin case and pulled on the thread tail, the thread didn't pull smoothly out of the bobbin case. (When I went to take the picture, the bobbin got stuck in the case! Classc sign that you need to take off the sides!!) So I took the sides off and VIOLA! It worked terrifically. It is SO nice to not have to wind a bobbin when one runs out! I just drop in a pre-wound and I'm off and sewing again. Especially on the quilting machine. Those bobbins are so big that it takes some time to get them wound, and I would rather spend those minutes QUILTING!!


Comfort Cove Designs said...

I wish I could use pre-wound bobbins in my machine, but she takes a hissy fit!! LOL

Nedra said...

Welcome to Quilting Bloggers! There are 33 of us now from Utah. When I started blogging last June there were only 8 or 9 of us, so we are growing fast.
I live in the same town as Superior Threads, and have several friends who work there. They only hire full time, but if they took part time people I would work for them in a heart beat. They are a terrific company. I can order from them and just go pick up my items at their warehouse. I love their pre-wound bobbins too.
You can find me at Cactus Needle.