Friday, April 11, 2008

I quilted, I sewed, therefore I am

So I did break down last week and I quilted the background of Lara's quilt. I really like how the McTavishing turned out. I hope she will too.

Then I had to twist my arm to get myself to sew the coat. Every time I sat down at the sewing machine the 2.75 year old comes and says "See me, mommy." What can a mommy do?, but hold the boy!!

The 21 year old is working 2 jobs and trying to make big bucks, but he's frustrated because the "new" restaurant isn't filling w/customers and the other job isn't paying commission yet for the big sales he's already making! Ahhh! What can a goal-oriented post-mission kid do???

Our soon to be HS graduate daughter is getting bogged down by tons of homework and trying to keep up when she's so ready to be done. Her leadership scholarship got doubled, which means tuition will be PAID!! Yipppeee! We're pretty excited about that.

15 and 13 yo are starting soccer and getting anxious for the weather to get warm and stay warm. Actually all of us are anxious for this!

So life is pretty much wild and crazy as always!

Thursday, April 3, 2008


So I haven't gotten to any quilting this week!!! I said I would sew a costume for an upcoming choir/play thing at our church and should be getting that done, but I don't want to and I know I need to get it done before I quilt anything. Frankly, I've been procrastinating!!! My quilting buddy came over last night so we could sew together, and I forced myself to cut out the costume. At least it was more fun to do with her here than it would have been on my own. Cutting out is always my least favorite thing to do. So at least that part is done and I can get it sewn and out of the way. She told me that she felt guilty sewing on her quilt while I had to work on the costume. She didn't really feel bad, she was just rubbing it in!!

Here's a picture of Niquie's blocks up on the design wall. We took the picture because sometimes it helps to look at a picture to see where some thing isn't working. Even on a design wall if you can't get far enough back it doesn't show up, but it usually will in a picture.
I was reading this interesting article by Jerry Johnson on LDS Living this morning and he ended his article like this. I thought it was WAY cool!

God is the quilter.

The spirit is the thread.

We are the scraps of cloth, joined into a layer of warmth, tradition, beauty and strength.

We form a "whole" much greater than the sum of our parts.

Hope you have a GREAT quilting day. I will be stuck sewing a costume, but hopefully will get back to quilting SOON!