Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I'm BACK!!

OK so the post date is May 21st!!! Don't let it fool you! I wrote this on 5/21 and been waiting to get pictures in, then LIFE got away from me, and I just posted this 8/7/08!!!!

Where did I go??? No Where!!! What a Bummer. I've just been home dealing with family and finding absolutely no time to sit and blog. May is the busiest month of the year for families with kiddos in school and especially when one of them is graduating!

I have completed a couple customer quilts! YEAH!

This is Becky's

and this is Diane's

Lara picked up her quilt just a few days before she delivered her new baby girl!!

My Dear Daughter that is expecting in 3 weeks!, and her hubby just bought a house! It's a repo house and needs cleaning! So Niquie and I went over and scrubbed out the bathrooms yesterday. They look SO much better! I will post pictures when the house is all cute and painted etc. . . .

My parents are coming in town on Saturday for the graduation next week, so life around here will be crazy, but I will try really hard to get a few posts in during the week.