Thursday, October 16, 2008

Aunt Neata's Quilt

My Great-Aunt Neata asked me about a month ago if I would quilt this quilt for her. Of course, I said YES! She said she'd like to see it done before she dies. YIKES. Nothing like a little pressure. She is 91, but in pretty good health so I'm pretty confident she'll be sticking around for awhile, but I just couldn't take the "what-if" something happened. So I pushed it in front of a couple of customer quilts. She still crochets and sews. She gave my mom a beautiful afghan when they visited a few weeks ago. I hope I can still do my quilting when I'm 91.

I basted the quilt to the zippers just inside the edge of the prairie points and let them flop over the edge. I tried to make sure they were lying flat when I rolled them up.
I hope I trimmed this right for her. I folded the prairie points toward the quilts and went a 1/4 past the edge of the quilt, just to make sure she'll have enough to turn over on the back and stitch down.

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