Thursday, October 23, 2008

String Quilt

Mary will be so proud of my quilt group! The Utah Quilt Guild participated in an amazing service project this year. We made and collected over 1,000 quilts this year for the Quilts4Cancer project. These quilts and blankets will go to children with cancer. It was so amazing to see tables piled with so many quilts and to know that they are going to such a wonderful cause.

I'm happy to say that our Going Pieces Group spent an afternoon putting together 2 string quilts to donate to Quilts4Cancer. Unfortunately, I can't find the pictures!! If I find them, I'll be sure and post them. Sorry no pictures today!

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Mary said...

1000?? Wow, I am amazed at the commitment that must have taken from the members of the Utah Quilt Guild. I wish we were closer and I'd join your group.

I can't wait to see the string quilts!