Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Sparkly Clean Windows!

My Quilt Studio is in the basement. (I had a hard time typing in Studio and sometimes I have a hard time saying it, but if we're going to think of ourselves as professionals we gotta do it!) So back to the STUDIO! It's fabulous that it's a walk out basement and I have above the ground windows at the side. However, the much less than fabulous fact is that the sprinklers hit my windows and I was noticing a couple weeks ago that they were so covered with Hard Water build-up that I could hardly see out of them. Bummer I didn't get a before picture, but trust me it was GROSS!

Thanks to Hubby, who wanted us all to come help in the yard Monday night I got my windows clean. He might not have been too happy that I had my own agenda and wasn't quite following his agenda but, I grabbed the bottle of Lime Away (YEA we had a bottle in the house) and sprayed it all over my windows. Scrubbed them a bit, and squeegeed them CLEAN!! They are so clean that I can now see how dirty the inside is. I even left the screens off for the winter so that they don't block all the glorious Sunlight.

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Janette & Bentley said...

I just recently did this to all my basement windows, too. They were nasty. Love that Lime-Away!