Thursday, October 9, 2008

Brrrr! Football

So we (DH & I) are going to watch BYU football on the coldest, yuckiest day of the fall season!!! WHY? Since we aren't die hard football fans or even BYU fans?

Well, the reason started in September when my oldest son drug my next oldest son to BYU Cheerleader tryouts! Landon had been a cheerleader in his High School days and was AWESOME. Well, at the tumbling and Hip-Hop dance stuff they did. So Josh was just trying to get him to go tryout. Well, they BOTH made the BYU White Squad which is like a JV team in High School. So they cheer at Women's Basketball and Volleyball, but not at the Men's Football games. That is until Landon really took off in his tumbling and the coaches were impressed and he was invited to cheer at the BYU homecoming game this Friday!! So he'll be cheering in front of 64,000 fans and DH and I were able to snag some tickets and we're going down!

It will be worth freezing to death to see our son in his element! And the next coolest thing is that Josh will be cheering at his first EVER game that evening and we're sticking around to see it, too!


Mary said...

The things we do for our kids! Have fun!

Tiffany Young said...

Good thing you have quilts to keep you warm :O)