Monday, October 20, 2008

Command Strips

Tired of hearing about things I LOVE? Well, I do love these sticky little strips. They are made by 3M and called Command. You probably have seen them on TV commercials to hold hooks, but now you can get them with hook and loop tape on them, just strips alone, and a few other varieties. Right now, I use the Poster Strips in my quilting. Really! I guess they're not directly involved in my quilting. I have them holding the cutest little snake light on my sewing machine and because I have several machines I can just pull the tab and it comes UNSTUCK and I can stick it onto my other machine if I want to. I bought my cool little light from my friend Kim who was smart enough to buy several when she found a deal on them!!!
I also use these stickies on the back of my cool Quilt Hangers. Instead of pounding several holes in the wall and being stuck with them in that position "forever"! Well at least until I decide to patch the holes, which in my case would probably be forever. So we're back to where we started. I put these stickies on the back and when I want to change to a wider or narrower quilt, I just put the wooden hangers on the quilt spaced apart where I want them, then I put the stickies on the back of the hangers and stick them to the wall! Viola!


Michele said...

I have all concrete walls where I live, so drilling is a challenge. I have an awful time figuring out ways to hang my quilts. Do you have more information on the wooden clamps in your picture?

One wall really hates the sticky stuff I've tried, maybe it retains moisture or something. I'll give the Command strips a try next time the quilt falls on the floor.

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Annette said...

Great idea!! I'm going to get some of those. Thanks.

Janette & Bentley said...

where do you get the wooden quilt holders?