Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cute Aprons!

So Amanda invited me to join her at a local quilt shop to look for flannel. How could I resist???? She's not much of a quilter and I'm trying to convert her!! My brainwashing plan worked!

We found some cute fabric to make the Four Corners Apron by Vanilla House designs. I can't wait and I better get on making mine because it's Halloween fabric! Guess which fabric is going to be the outer edge and which is going to be the inside.

Amanda's Cute fabric. Guess her outer and inner?


Kristanne said...

Lauri - my sister was mentioning the other day that the quilt that my family made her when she got married 25 years ago is worn out. And she would really like a new one. My mom and I thought that would be a great idea, only neither of us quilt, and the relatives that did have either moved away or are no longer living. I was wondering if you made quilt for people and if so what you charged? Could you let me know, or give me ideas where I could get a good one. She has gotten some from the store, but they always tend to fall apart or the stitching or embroidery comes unstitched. Thanks - Kristanne

D2Quilter said...

Yes I do make quilts for others. Contact me and we'll talk options.

jacob said...

Do you have any photos of your finished apron?