Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Full Quilt

So here it is finally. It's really been done for quite a while. I just haven't taken time out to get it on the blog. My camera is dying and is taking terrible pictures. Maybe it's because I've dropped it one to many times or the fact that the almost 4 year old thinks that it's his camera too! The other day he took it outside to take a picture of the sand pile he made in his sand box.

We're in the process of upgrading to a Canon Powershot, but of course we had to pick the newest in the line and it won't be in the US until April!!! We have the camera bag and the extra batteries, but no camera!! I WANT my camera!! It's hard to take pictures with a crummy camera when you have a new one coming soon. So bare with me!

The Sand Pile
From Drop Box

Suzanne's Quilt

From Drop Box

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sometimes it Takes Forever!

I really enjoy doing custom quilting, and especially on applique quilts. I know it sounds weird and crazy and definitely takes a lot of time to do this detail quilting, but I do enjoy how my quilting adds dimension to the applique and makes the shapes come to life.

This particular quilt was on my machine for almost 6 weeks!!! Not that it took that long to quilt, but my getting to quilt on it was very sporadic. Didn't Suzanne do a loverly job on this quilt? I'll show the finished pics soon.

From Drop Box

Friday, March 20, 2009

Hi! Anyone Out there anymore??

I know I've been away from blogging for a while. So sorry, if anyone out there cares. . . One never knows.

We delivered my Mother-in-law back to her home in Albuquerque the first part of March and I've spent the rest of the time catching up on things around the home front and trying to get caught up on customer quilts etc. . . . I have taken a few pictures during this time, so I'll start by posting those and getting everyone a little bit caught up.

I showed a picture a while back that my MIL was actually sewing! Guess What? She finished 24 blocks before she left. So the girls (my DDs) are going to get them put together with a border and I'll get it quilted and we're going to send it to her. When we were in ABQ, she asked me to get her sewing machine set up and running! WOW. I've got a package ready for her with some strips and foundation squares and hopefully she'll do some sewing on her own. Hopefully her machine will cooperate.