Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hello! I'm Back. . . For a minute

So Life has been crazy, We made the emergency trip to Albuquerque to pick up MIL because she broke her hip on Halloween. We were able to avoid the big snow storms, but there were some snowpacked roads and a few flurries. We're just glad we're home. We had the BIG Dr's appt with her new Dr up here and it was LONG. But we still have a bone density test ahead of us on Friday and blood work. She's not too excited about it all!

Quilting - Ummm I don't think I posted this picture. I took this tree skirt off just before leaving last week.

From Drop Box

And if it works here's a video of the posessed pencil sharpener I plugged in the studio. It was fine and then all of a sudden it started

Hopefully I'm back to blogging and we won't have such a lapse again. Well, I have good intentions!

Monday, December 8, 2008


It's been kind of crazy around here. We've been getting our basement apartment ready for my MIL. I might have mentioned that she broke her hip on Halloween and she's been in a Rehap facility and a Skills Center in ABQ, NM. Well, it's time to bring her to UT and take care of her. So we've rearranged and turned the toy room into Grandma's room and try to spruce it up and get it livable for a wheelchair and a walker. We think it looks pretty nice down there and I hope she'll be comfortable. Since we're talking Home Tour, I'll let you tour Rosy's new abode before she even gets here.

From New Folder

From New Folder

From New Folder

So I was too lazy to take myself downstairs to take the pictures. I sent Candis and friend to do it, and this is what I got. You can't see that in the living area there is a small kitchen area along the opposite wall from the computer.

I really should be posting the pictures of my finally painted Mudroom and 1/2 Bath. They turned out cute. I'll get to that later I guess.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Where Have I been?

I haven't gone anywhere, I've been right here in my house trying to do the Thanksgiving thing! Not that I had a big crowd for Thanksgiving or anything. The boys came home from BYU and that added to the 6 that already live here made a pretty good amount of chaos. Oh, I remember now! DH stayed home from work for the whole week! Along with the fact that the 3 year old only had one day of preschool and we canceled the after school play date, and my week was shot! Funny how DH stays home and all my plans to get stuff done seem to go down the drain.

We did however get things all set up for my MIL to come and stay with us while she recovers from her broken hip. She's been in a rehab facility and a skill center, but the insurance won't pay for any more time and it's time for the family to take over. So next week DH and I will be driving to Albuquerque to pick her up and bring her to Utah. DH is an only child and his father passed away 15 years ago and so it's just he and his mom. But she doesn't want to come up here to live so we can keep any eye on her because all her friends are down there, unfortunately friends can't take care of you when you need 24 hour care. That's family is for.

I finally finished Jan's quilt that's been on the machine WAY TOO LONG. But I think it's good to go and I'll be shipping it off tomorrow! Yippee!!

I'll try and post some Thanksgiving pictures and anything else I can find tomorrow!