Friday, January 11, 2008

Winter Wonderland!

This blog was supposed to be up yesterday, because the snow fell on Wednesday. But Thursday was too busy, so here it is on Friday. Oh well! I took these pictures Early Thursday morning. I took them through our family room window. I left the flash off, so I wouldn't get a reflection in the window, but I guess the pink spot is the infrared sensor. Oh Well, It's still a pretty picture and if I would have taken a couple hours, I guess I could have figured out how to fix it. But I don't have a couple hours, so here it is w/the pink spot!

It was a crazy day on Wednesday. It took DH an hour to get the girls to High School, and DS made it to College and home despite the fact that they closed the Highway just as he was heading home. He made it through the back routes and we're glad everyone made it to and from their destinations safely on Wednesday. I stayed home and quilted and then used the snowblower on the driveway while the 2.5 year old took a nap. I managed a path to the garage and then DH took over the rest of the driveway and the dreaded digging out the mailbox after the plows go by!

I finally got the "family gift" quilt off the machine!! YEA! Here it is being trimmed so I can bind it and get it sent off. Unlike most of you quilters out there. I sew my binding on both ways by machine. I figure if it's machine pieced and machine quilted, I might as well sew the binding on both ways by machine. In my thinking it will withstand use better. I like to use Superior bottom line thread that matches and you almost can't even see it. A machine quilter that has MANY years of experience taught me her techinique and I think it works fabulous. Maybe I'll post some pics as I do it, so I can show you how I do mine. I also ran across the pics I took of loading this quilt on the machine. Maybe I'll post that tomorrow. Happy Quilting!!!

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The Lazy Organizer said...

The snow is gorgeous and so is the quilt! My husband had to plow twice on Wednesday to keep up with the snow. I gave a seminar that night and it was not a fun drive down the canyon. By the time I made my way home though most of the roads were cleared.