Friday, January 18, 2008

to Eat or NOT to Eat!

So yes, I am on the January get back on the Health Kick! I've been trying to do my daily exercise and get back on the NO SUGAR!! Yes, I've done it before and I totally know that it's the thing for me. It's like my BIGGEST weakness. My father has Type II Diabetes and I know I'm on the path to the big D also, if I don't get myself under control. I just need to lose 10 - 15 pounds to be at the right digits for me. I've tried to keep myself under control for the last couple years (since the babers was born) and actually before that also. However, this Christmas season was a killer. The babe and I were sick for like 3 weeks before Christmas and I think all my resolve when down the drain, or was blown out in all the tissues I used. But when Christmas came, I didn't care about my eating habits and just let myself eat whatever I wanted and now my bathroom scale is telling the tale.

So I picked up a book (I'm a sucker for self help/especially weight loss books) at WalMart the other day. "YOU; Staying Young" by Drs Oz and Roizen. Since DH and I have had a baby in our 40s we've seriously realized that we've got to work on staying healthy so we can be there when Jr turns 20! So he won't be pushing us in our wheelchair when he graduates from college! I really like this book and it is easy to comprehend and gives specific things to do to stay healthy and vital.

I took the test at and YEA. They said w/all my factors that I'm 37.7. That's about 6 years younger than my chronilogical age! Even though I'm some poundage over, I am in pretty good health and have good habits. So to keep it up I'm cutting out sugar (See Lara's Eatopia and get off sugar) and getting started on the recommended vitamin supplements.

So here's a NQR topic. How many books/magazines do you have sitting on your nightstand or on the floor by your bed waiting to be read? I'm afraid to count how many quilt magazines and books, not to mention self help. I totally don't have time for novels right now. But I do love a good novel. I just don't want to do anything else but read once I start one. My life won't tolerate that right now! Taking the picture of the book on my nightstand is what prompted this line of thinking. I had to clear away stuff so it would look decent!! YIKES!

Good luck to you all in your goals! Lauri

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Judy said...

I love reading as well, but don't have time to spend just sitting so I do books on tape. So far since January 1 I've listened to 4 books - about 40 hours - while I sew or do things around the house. The old 'two birds with one stone' idea!