Monday, January 7, 2008

Ready to Quilt!!!

Well, the machine got moved, but it took a bunch of effort to get the rest of the stuff out of the MIL apartment. Yes, I got the fabric moved out of the cabinets. I don’t think I have as big a stash as I first thought. But it’s enough to try and figure out where it’s going to go. I ended up using the cabinet the computer was in to hold un-quilted tops and put up some shelving in the back corner behind the machine which luckily holds most of the fabric. I’m also using the pegboard again!!! I put this up a couple years ago when the machine was in this situation before, but it’s been pretty much unused since I moved the machine. I’ve been tempted to take it down, but I didn’t!!! Now I’m so glad.
All the UFOs and fabric collections are put in plastic bins and labeled. It really helps to have labels on, so I don’t have to dig through the bins to figure out what’s in there. I just use address labels. I love Mary Engelbreit things so I found a cute flower on her website and put it on my labels to make them look cute.
I also have to work around the exercise equipment, but it works out pretty well. The treadmill is right next to the design wall, which kind or works well because I don’t have to stand on a stool to reach to the top of the wall so I can get a big quilt on there.
I’ve finally gotten the “family” quilt back on the machine! I put it back on after I finished the jacket, but never got any quilting done on it because I had to take it off to get the studio moved. Now that everything is mostly in it’s place I can finally get quilting again!!!


Lissa Jane said...

Wow! Get quilting woman! I wish I had your space for my quilting area.. think antique treadle, thats my table and I use the dining table to cut on.. I am so envious of people who have sewing rooms! and the caramel pretzels? never heard of them, but they dont sound like diet food *W*

Happy New Year to you


The Lazy Organizer said...

Way to organize! And look at those cool organizing bags you have hanging there!

Mary said...

Moving things can be a pain. I'm glad you got everything settled and can get back to quilting. The slide show is great!