Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

Does anyone else have big plans to get TONS of stuff done during the holiday break???? I think to myself. . . . the 2 year old will have lots of siblings to play w/even dad will be home to play with. I should be able to finish the quilt on the LA, get the last border on the baby quilt for my great neice, and maybe even start something else fun!!! BUT NO!!!! Nothing but PLayInG, and eating way too much food, etc. . . gets done!!!

But we've had fun. Christmas Eve morning we went up in the mountains about 15-20 minutes away and went sledding. For some awesome sledding pictures go look at Amanda's Blog. She's gotta teach me how to do the slideshow thing.
In the afternoon we dipped pretzels. Oh my Goodness they were yummy. We ended up giving out the majority as gifts, but we ate our share. Most of the kiddos just bite off the carmel chocolate end and throw away the rest of the pretzel. They think it's just a handle to help them eat the good stuff.
And Then!!! You won't believe what we did on New Year's Eve Day. With a son coming home from his mission, my 19 yo son convinced us that it would be a good idea for mom to move her Long Arm machine out of the MIL apartment in our basement. So, he and big brother could move down there in February. So yesterday, w/the help of kids and hubby we moved my LongArm back into the other room of the basement!!! YIKES. I was pooped. I can't believe I even stayed up til midnight after all that work. But it's done. (Well, I still have to move my fabric stash out of the cabinets in the kitchen area. That shouldn't take long!!?!?! HA! LOL) But the big heavy stuff is moved and fits reasonably well in the new space.
Before and After Pictures. Starting w/the MIL apartment.

Here's Wishing Everyone a HaPpy NeW YeaR!!!! Luv Lauri!


The Lazy Organizer said...

Hey, how come my quilt's not on there? Just kidding! It sounds like you've been having fun. Us too. Stranger is back to work tonight and I hope we survive without him. It's been so nice having him home for a change!

I swear I'm going to start on a new quilt this year. Any minute now. I mean it!

Amanda B. said...

Patrik has weird hands...(noting the pretzel picture)