Thursday, December 6, 2007

My Computer is Missing!

So, My DH has been playing with my computer again and again and again. He really HATES Vista! That said he discovered something was wrong when he tried to format the drive and it wouldn't respond. After hours on the phone with the Tech people, he unplugged it from everything and sent it back to HP to get a new mother board!!! So now I have a monitor and keyboard and can't do a thing w/them! I watch streaming TV and listen to podcasts while I LA quilt and with the monitor there I keep wanting to go turn the computer on. It's only been one day and I miss it already!!!

So here's my computer cabinet minus the CPU. Just wires where it should be!! I'm so sad. So how am I posting to my blog. OK we have 2 other computers in the house, they are just up two stories and not as convenient as my computer downstairs. It's a sad little computer, but it works well enough to do what I want to do!

So now on to quilty stuff!! Here's what's on my design wall. It's been on my design wall for a week or two and it's just waiting for me to sew it all together so it can be a quilt!! Well, at least a quilt top, because getting it quilted is another story. As most LA quilters who have customers know. The customer quilts come first. Unless there is a family emergency ie: a wedding, birthday, or other important event that calls for a quilt gift.

I guess I should add this is a quilt designed by Kaye England. I took a class from her at our Utah Quilt Fest in 2006. This is my second quilt from her design. She taught us how to use the Nifty Notions half square and quarter square ruler. I LOVE them!! I don't do much in pink and when I saw the Moda Quilt Pink Jelly Roll I bought it and made this quilt. Yes, I add more colors, I couldn't do it completely Pink!!

And one more thing, someone asked to see if my husbands lighting job went ok. So here! We have a 2 story house, but after one of our neighbors slipped and fell off his roof and had to get pins put in his ankle, DH doesn't do the 2nd story. I used the picture w/o a flash so you could see the cute star lights. Merry Christmas!!!


Sweet P said...

Welcome to blogland. I'll be reading your blog, don't worry.

I like your pink with a splash of color quilt.

I can't imagine not having my laptop. I would go crazy.

Nicole and Phil said...

this pink one is lovely! I have done a few courses with Kaye England, and I think she is brilliant!