Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Good Morning Neverland!!!!

OK so that's a line from the movie Hook! It's OLD now, but we're exploring new movie options w/the 2 year old, because the family is getting tired of watching all the other animated movies ten thousand times.

Since I started the blog last night, I've had like a hundred ideas running through my head of what to put on it. This morning I did get up and take a picture of what's on the machine. It's a quilt for my friend Niquie. She pieces tons of tops and I have a pile of them in my closet to quilt. She gives away most of her quilts to family and friends. She has a very lucky extended family because most of them have a quilt from her.

So here's her quilt on my A-1 Long Arm. I haven't named my machine like so many quilters have. I find it hard time naming inanimate objects. Oh Well, Poor nameless machine.

Well, tons to do today. I'll get back with you later. Until then.
Happy Quilting!!! Lauri

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