Monday, December 10, 2007

I Can't BreathE!

Well, I'm sick!! Sorry no pictures, cuz I look AWFUL!!! Last week the 2 year old ran a slight fever and had a cough and runny nose. He's doing better now, but now I HAVE IT! and I can't breathe. Well, something good did come of it cuz I decided I was sick and that meant time off work. Right? So I didn't feel like stand up quilting at the LA machine. Sooooo, I started putting together the pink quilt on the design wall. It's amazing how differently a quilt looks when you sew the blocks together and this particular design has some 1 inch and 2 inch strips sewn in to make all the different sized blocks fit together. However, I cut up the extra 2 1/2 inch strips into squares and I piece them and use them for the filler strips. It makes it look more scrappy. But the MAIN reason I do this is so I don't have to measure!!! I can just count the 2" finished sections of the blocks and count that many sqaures and Voila! It fits. (My son in Canada would be proud of me using French in my blog! Yes, he's in the Quebec/Montreal area.)

Which gets me to thinking if anyone reading this blog lives in Canada, my DH and I are heading up there in February to pick our on up and I'm terrified that I'm going to freeze and come home as a block of ice!!! So any hints on staying warm in the Frozen North, I need them!!!! Also, I would love to visit any Quilt Shops in these areas. We'll be in Ottawa, Quebec, and Montreal. I'll just tell my DH and DS that I HAVE to go in and get warm!!! Also, any interesing sites, but I'm sure my son will be able to direct us to many of them because he's been living up there for the last 2 years. But he wasn't being a tourist, so I'm sure we could use suggestions.

I'll post pics of the pink quilt when it's all put together, and then it goes through another amazing change when it's quilted. That picture may not happen for a while as my quilts don't get quilted to quickly. They usually have to "age" a couple years before I actually get them on the machine. LOL!

I'll bet I'll be sewing tomorrow, cuz I'm still breathing through my mouth, I HATE that dry mouth feeling!! Hope you're having a Happy Quilting Season!! Lauri

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