Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mmmm Pancakes for Breakfast

My family, with the exception of my husband, loves Pancakes for breakfast. That's probably because I love pancakes for breakfast. That was until I found out that I shouldn't eat carbs!! Then the pancakes kind of tanked for a while. Then I started making Whole Wheat pancakes and my kids weren't too thrilled about that. In fact, my oldest son still has to bring up how I faked him out and told him the pancakes weren't whole wheat and he ate them and thought they were good until he found out "I LIED!" and they WERE! Oh the Horror!

A while back Lara blogged about her perfect muffins and they looked so Yummy! I've known for sometime that sourdough is better for you than using yeast, but I just didn't have the time/patience to figure out how to get a starter going etc. . . . Then I mentioned I needed a starter and wouldn't you know it? Lara was in the area and brought me a start. No More excuses. I tried the Pumpkin muffins! YUMMY! My family likes them too. I've been stressing about keeping the starter alive and buggin Lara with emails etc. . . But some searching online and I found answers. YIPPEEE! Not that Lara didn't answer my questions, I just had too many and felt bad bugging her too much!
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So to the point! We had pancakes for breakfast this morning. YUM! I found the recipe here for Rich Sourdough Pancakes. I have a whole wheat starter, but I halved the recipe and used all purpose flour. And yes, I know the pancakes would be healthier without chocolate chips, but you can't do it all at once!! They are semi-sweet! The 3 year old is sharing with you how much he likes them! Pretty appetizing!
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Amanda B. said...

Yummm...they were good! I will testify to that!

The Lazy Organizer said...

You were not bugging me!!! I'm so excited that you are in the sour dough groove. Now I want to know what you learned!