Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Machine is FIXED!!!

Yeah!!! Jen came out Monday morning and she opened up the package that A-1 Quilting Machines had sent me and said, "I hope they're in here." I hadn't even thought of opening it up and making sure everything was there. Thankfully it WAS! My motor brushes had worn out. To say the Least! Jen was amazed that my machine was even running! They were in pieces! She had to use a rolled up piece of masking tape to get the pieces out.
From 11-4

(I was gonna take another picture that didn't have my notes in the background, but my battery is charging and I'm already late!)

Then she wrapped the motor in a plastic bag and blew canned air through the motor to clean it all out.
From 11-4

That's Jen in the background. This is the motor!

She also showed me how to change out my switches when the time comes.
From 11-4

From 11-4

This is where they plug in behind the control panel. Oops! Sorry I didn't dust!
I'm ready now, so it probably won't happen for another 5 years. Or at least not until I forget where I put the switches for safe keeping. Then the switch will decide to die right in the middle of a customers really important quilt that they made for their favorite niece's wedding and it's due NOW!! Then I won't be able to find them in their really safe hiding place and I'll be in a PANIC! I'll have to call A-1 have them overnight some for lots of $$$. I'll get the quilt done in the last seconds. I'm worn to a frazzle because of all the stress. . . . the next week I'll find them right where I put them at the end of the table in the blue box!!

PS I'm posting the pics and descriptions so I'll know where to find them when the time comes.

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Julia said...

Wow, I am exhausted and stressed just reading this. LOL Actually, I do that all of the time, forget the really good place I put things so that I won't forget them. :~) Writing it on my blog is a very good idea!