Saturday, November 1, 2008


I started a Yo-yo Bunny for Nora shortly after I was finished making her quilt. Amanda and I went shopping and she picked out some really cute fabrics for Nora's baby quilt and I made up something and put it together as a quilt and quilted it. Then with the scraps I made a bunch of Yo-Yos with the Clover Yo-Yo maker. So I really really LIKE the Yo-Yo maker. I'll bet you thought I was gonna say Love again. Well, I was, but I decided to fight the impulse and not say it. It was SO much fun making the Yo-Yos but I have gotten stuck on getting them all assembled into a bunny! Then I find out I need to make 4 more. Have you ever gotten stuck on completing a project because you need to go back and finish a step?? I'm in a Yo-Yo making slump and I can't get myself out of it!!

Then, I found these other bunnies in the closet and decided, maybe I shouldn't make bunnies any more! Cuz they end up de-eared and de-armed or de-legged by my children. Yep, quite a while back I made all my kiddos a stuffed bunnies with matching flannel jama pants and nightgowns that matched my kiddos jamas. Now these bunnies are a pile of de-armed/de-legged/de-eared bunnies!! Is Nora destined to join the ranks of such bunny manglers????

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