Monday, November 17, 2008

Another Quilt on!

I was able to get the next quilt on the machine last week, but no quilting was accomplished. Here's crossing the fingers and toes that I get this one quilted and off by the end of the week. It's a Re-do! Well, it's like the worst episode in my quilting career so far. I used the blue water soluble pen for the first time on the original quilt. It is a toally white quilt and I thought I'd be good like all the other good quilters out there and use a light box and put on the quilt motifs with the blue water soluble pen. When the quilt was done, I spritzed it down with water to get the blue out and it came out and looked fabulous. However, by the time I shipped it to Nevada to the customer, there were brown spots on the top in several places!! I don't know if I'll ever use blue pen on anything again. So I'm Re-doing the Re-do top for the customer. Yep, she made one exactly like her original as it's a gift for her brother.

I was planning on telling the whole story, but there it is and I'm anxious to get this quilt done, and the whole episode behind me~!
From Drop Box

On November 4th I let you vote via comments for which border I should use on the doggie quilts. The Results!! If you didn't go back to the comments and count them yourself, are . . . . .

15 - for the Blue Border
14 - for the Yellow Border
1 - for the Orange Border

Since my in my quilt world I am the DICTATOR!! I'm going with the yellow, cuz I decided I liked it best. If I ever get the borders on, I will post a picture. Then a couple of years later when I finally get the quilt quilted, I might just post another picture of it! LOL!

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