Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Yea! I remembered to blog about something on Tuesday, so I can be part of Lara's Talk about Tuesays!

So I had a lightbulb moment recently and thought I'd share.

All you moms out there can probably understand the dinner dilemma. It's not that I hate cooking or baking or that I can't do it either. It's just the dinner thing that I hate. I've decided, it's because it's a thankless job. My kids aren't way picky eaters, but it just seems like they never like what I happen to make for dinner unless it's a frozen pizza or tacos. You know what I mean.

Since Josh has been home, he never eats a meal without making a big deal about how good it is, and he actually seems to look forward to mealtime. I know it's because he realizes he doesn't have to shop for it, put it away, cook it, or even clean up after it. He's learned after 2 years on his own what it means to come up with a well thought out meal.

You know what affect his gratitude has had on me? Well, I find myself thinking: I need to come up w/a menu and go shopping, and in the morning what am I making for dinner, and I'll bet Josh will really like this. WOW! I don't hate thinking of dinner and what to make, I don't procrastinate the decision of what to make, and I actually plan ahead. All because someone is expressing appreciation for my efforts.

I decided, "Man, I need to point this out to the rest of the family. So they will start appreciating me more, too!" Then like a ton of bricks it hit me. Do I appreciate my family for the wonderful terrific people that they are? Do I tell my kids thanks for being straight A students? and doing it without my having to hound them. Do I tell my DH thanks for going to work everyday and holding down a steady job to provide for all of us! NOPE was the answer.

So I guess what I'm saying is, that if we'd show a little more gratitude it can change everyone's attitude and make life a whole lot sweeter! So THANKS for listening (reading) and I hope you have a Grateful day!


Anonymous said...

Great post!

The Lazy Organizer said...

We sure get caught up in our daily lives and just expect everyone to do their share don't we? It would be nice to get a thank you once in a while so I guess I should start handing them out myself! Most days though I'm just happy if no one is complaining. Especially about dinner! Luckily my kids (and my husband it seems) are outgrowing their pickiness.

Cindi Martineau said...

Great reminder. I've been thinking a lot about gratitude lately. My husband was really great for a while making wonderful comments at the dinner table. It sure rubbed off on the kids. I wouldn't be surprised if maybe that happened at your house. It's sure nice to hear!

Richelle said...

That is a great reminder.
I'm with you on the dinner thing. I feel like since it's something I HAVE to do everyday, it takes the fun out of it.

Anonymous said...

This is a great reminder, thank you!!