Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Things don't go as planned. . . .

Yep, I ended up getting the dreaded sore throat! So I was down for the count for the rest of the week and beginning of the next. . . Life just gets all dis-comboobled when mom gets sick and then getting back in to the routine is another dilema.

But I finally got downstairs and back to quilting today. Woo Hoo! All the feathered borders and sashing are done, now I need to go back and quilt the applique areas. Don't be thinking it's done yet, cuz that is the most tedious part of the whole quilt, but hopefully it will be done next week. I'm sure Susan thinks I've fallen off the planet by now.

A cool thing that happened this week. I was checking up on The Quilt Show's Daily Blog yesterday, and was scrolliing down the page to see what I had missed over the weekend. And I found ME! Actually my name. A customer entered her quilt in the Road 2 California Quilt show, and pictures of it ended up on the Daily Blog. Go here and you can see it! Purty Cool! We didn't win a ribbon at the show, but this makes up for that.

Happy Quilting!

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