Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Don't you hate when life throws you a curve

OK so it wasn't a BIG major curve, but still the same. Wednesday was going to be the day that I get going on Susan's quilt. I've got the machine all oiled and threaded and ready to go. The curves of the spine of the feather in the border all measured and ready to stitch. So what happens. Tuesday evening right after dinner? I start feeling sick and yucky. I'm up all night long with stomach pains and "stuff"! I won't go into details, it wasn't pretty. By about 2:30 AM I was finally heading to bed thinking I might get to actually sleep. The 3.5 year old has climbed in my side of the bed. I take him back to bed. He returns 15 minutes later. I take him back and get him comfy in his own bed. Now it's after 3.

Well, I spent the day lying around feeling weak and tired and No quilting got done. ARGH!

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Suzanne said...

Hope you're feeling better soon. My name is Suzanne & I am just over in Davis County..nice to know about longarm quilter close by..we'll have to talk rates when you have the time...I've got a pile of quilts waiting!