Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I've Decided To. . . .

Well, after the suggestions, I'm following Mary's advise. I am using my blog as a journal of sorts, and I love how she keeps us up to date daily. Mine was unfortunately not daily, but I'm going to catch you up in a daily manner.

So Dec. 22nd.

We have had a family tradition of making Pajama pants for the family at Christmas time. Opening them on Christmas eve and wearing them on Christmas day. It ends up all day because we're too lazy to change out of our Pajama pants. Then we all have matching PJs for the rest of the year. Well, in years past I've been the primary cutter, and sewing person (I put sewer, but that looks like sewer and I'm not a sewer. :o}) This year I had a brilliant idea to involve everyone and create an assembly line. Let's just say that I think it was easier doing it all myself!!!! Enjoy the slideshow.

OK, so I did the slideshow on Rockyou and everytime I tried to copy and paste the code to my blog someone elses slideshow ended up in my blog!! FRUSTRATING. Any suggestions on how to do a slideshow? I've done the picasa YouTube one, but I don't like their linking movies from my blog that I have no control over. Suggestions????

So did I mention that we also dipped carmel chocolate pretzels this night also??? Too MUCH!

From 2008 - 12

Amanda and Jason cut out the PJs

From 2008 - 12

Nora jumpied around and did an Aunt Jemima impression

From 2008 - 12

We got Grandma Rosy in on the action! Woo Hoo look at her go!

From 2008 - 12

the Kung Fu kings and princess

From 2008 - 12

Patrik and Morgan on the sewing machines

From 2008 - 12

Ooops! Now how did that happen??????

From 2008 - 12


Mary said...

OK, I was looking forward to seeing all the PJ's, am I missing something?? I don't see the slideshow.

Suzanne Earley said...

well, even if it was easier by yourself, i bet this was a great memory for everyone!

Janette & Bentley said...

"Seamstress" is what you are! ;)