Friday, April 17, 2009

So Much Thread. . . So little Quilt

Isn't this a happy sight! Love all the colors I've been working with. I don't think I've changed so many threads on a quilt before. Not loving the changing, but it's fun to work with so much color!
From Drop Box


Mary said...

I like your thread drawers - my spools are spread everywhere but I saw a vase with spools of thread used for decoration on someone's blog or in a magazine - I'd like to get one to put my my *binding* chair and toss all the spools I use in it.

Keith used to do a lot of cleaning around the house before his work schedule got so heavy - I miss it! Enjoy the clean fridge.

Jackie said...

Your thread drawers are gorgeous! Of course the thread is too....

My husband does most of the housework around here as I tend to work more than I'd like to. Enjoy having a clean frig!