Friday, February 1, 2008

It's Packing Day!!!

OK, Who would think I would be posting today!!! I know but I've got to let it out somewhere! We're packing! OK so I have to pack the 2 yr old to go to play w/Niquie, and pack myself and do the laundry and get the kids staying home squared away. But we're almost done!!! Thankfully DH travels and is really good at packing himself!

Don't you hate getting everything packed, but you can't pack the make-up and hair stuff cuz you still have to use it in the morning when you get up???? I hate that! I want to have everything in the suitcase and close it and be done. I guess I need a second of everything, but since I don't travel that much it doesn't make much sense.

We're taking 2 extra suitcases so that Josh can bring home stuff that he's collected for the past 2 years. DH made Platinum Medallion level w/Delta Airlines last year cuz he traveld SO MUCH. He gets certain privileges and one of them is being able to bring extra bags w/o cost. We also get to go through the shorter security lines! I guess you gotta get some benefits from being on their planes so much. He really racked up the miles flying to and from Boston almost every week for several months.

I've been debating whether I want to take any quilty project. So far I've decided to just read!! I purchased two of Jennifer Chiaverini's books (The Quilter's Apprentice and The Runaway Quilt). It has been SO long since I read a novel. I'm looking forward to reading all I want and not worrying that I should be quilting a customer's quilt or looking after the 2 yr old, or running to get a kid from school. I let you know what I think of the books when I'm back.

Now it's back to packing! I doubt I'll post (unless I figure out how to do it from DH's laptop) until we get home! Happy Quilting! Lauri

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